Ivar Bastress


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Aerial Motion and Photography

Drone Video and Still Imagery - Racing and GPS Drone

Commercial Motion and Photography

  Architectural and Commercial Advertising




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Specializing in Architectural and Commercial Photography and Videography

    Fully versed in the photographic process, from film to hi-res digital to drone work, Ivar brings 16 years of knowledge to every project. Precise timing and planning ensures images are interesting and captivating. Professional imagery can transform your project, your business and your mindset.

    FAA licensed and insured drone operator

    Racing and GPS Drones for dynamic, eye catching cinematography

    Professional equipment captures 4k footage and high quality images


    Clients include:

                - SunSoil CBD

                  - Birdseye Building

                  - HBO

                  - PBS

                  - Jim Westphalen Photography

                  - VT Stone and Horticulture

                  - Alexander Tree Service

                  - GAF Roofing

                  - Yankee Magazine

                  - Lake Champlain Land Trust

                  - GBA Architects

                  - Stafford and Company Landscaping

                  - North Country Federal Credit Union